Saturday, October 12, 2013


"Gather all you who will, hear of the God, slain for his children’s sin.  Come the story recall, all he has done, to bring his family home."
Matthew Clark

So tonight I went to a house concert.  I wasn't able to stay for the whole thing because I have to be up early for work.

My friends have held a few concerts at their house to raise money for various ministry projects.  At present, they are raising money for an adoption.

My friend has this weird ability to meet interesting musicians who agree to do things like this.  Works for me.

The funny thing is that the four musicians who played tonight aren't even a real band.  They're just a group of friends who get together to play with each other.  I didn't even know their last names.  There was Jeff (Maybe Geoff.) on drums, Brian on bass, Abby on guitar and piano, and Matthew of guitar.  I had to poke around with the lyrics to find out who any of them were.

Anyway, the first song that they sang was by Matthew (Clark), who made this CD.  It's called "Overture," and it is the first of a whole slew of songs that go over the entire bible.  So maybe you want to check him out.

I thought the song was beautiful and it made me tear up. (Which happens to me more than I wish.) I just wish I could have stayed longer to hear the whole thing, but I had to get home to let the sleeping pills kick in. (Stupid insomnia!) My friend certainly meets some interesting artists.  It also made me realize that beards are all the rage these days.




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