Friday, July 12, 2013

My book series, "Jesus in Minnesota"

TA DA!!!!!!

Yeah, yeah, it's been almost 3 months without a blog post.  I've been a little pre-occupied.  Not to fret, all is well, and here's why...

That picture to the left is the cover to the story series I've been working on.  And it is now available on Amazon!!!!!!  Just click on the link below to have a look see.

I suppose some explanation is in order, so here goes.

"Jesus in Minnesota" is the story of what happened to me in May of 2012.  Believe it or not, the Messiah actually called me up and asked me to go shopping with him at The Mall of America.  While I have to admit that I was more than a bit skeptical, I did get a pair of Vans out of the deal.  From that point on, every other week or so, Jesus seemed to delight in simply showing up...usually unannounced, and going various places with me.

For the record, he doesn't actually look like the guy on the cover.  He's shorter, darker, and has curly hair. (He does have a beard, though.  And from time to time, he would wear a Twins ball cap.)

Part 1 includes my initial, and very skeptical, first meeting with him.  Jesus convinced me that he was who he said he was.  He also explained why he doesn't believe in Atheists, why no one theology or denomination ever "Gets" him %100...but that he's cool with that, and that he enjoys Minnesota's "Indie-Rock" scene.  The second half was the beginning of a road trip we took to south eastern Minnesota.  Along the way, he explains the true meaning of the three different creation stories in Genesis, and how all human creativity is a part of what being made in the image of God is all about.  He also accidently causes a minor curfluffle at the National Eagle Sanctuary in Wabasha.

Part 2 includes the continuation of our road trip.  Along the way, Jesus takes me to L.A.R.K. Toys outside of Kellogg, MN.  While driving, Jesus taught me about human value and worth, and how it is all tied into that whole "Image Bearing" thing.  I have to say that I had no idea that when it came to singing, he is an Alto, or that he knew so much about really good fudge.  The second half takes place at St. Paul's Farmer's Market.  Jesus answered some questions on what prayer is all about, what love really is, and is of the opinion that Americans eat way too much salt.

Part 3 begins in Minneapolis.  I had scored free tickets to see Foster the People, and Jesus decided to tag along.  This happened to be the weekend of Gay Pride in Minnesota, so we ended up having a discussion about human sexuality.  Turns out that while Jesus is a big believer in sexual purity, he is a lot more gracious and merciful than a certain protest group he had a run in with. (BTW: If he ever tells you to "Pull my finger," plug your ears first.) He also doesn't like labels for people very much.  The final half takes place at my families' cabin on the 4th of July.  Turns out that America actually isn't Jesus' favorite county.  He also is not a big fan of the rampant idolatry he sees in the U.S.  On the bright side, he did have some very interesting discussions with my dog, and sang his own special version of "Soul Man."

Jesus warned me ahead of time that if I wrote about any of this, I would probably get into some hot water.  So be it.  The fact is that May through early September of last year was the most interesting and entertaining time I've ever had.  I just can't resist sharing something like that, even if some Fundie tries to beat me up.

I'm still writing about all of this.  Hopefully the next two parts will be up in a few weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I normally end each post with a song.  Since Part 3 of the book takes place at a Foster the People concert, I might as well use them.



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