Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 days of Thankfulness. Day 7, "Friends"

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.
Proverbs 17:24

I got together this morning with a buddy I haven't seen for a while.  I didn't even recognize him at first.  He has lost 50lbs and says he wants to lose another 50.  I told him that if he does, I'll buy him a congratulatory Speedo with sequins. (How's that for incentive?)

Anyway, it was really good to see him again.  He's an interesting guy who is wise in the ways of computers and things of that nature.  When he talks about the things he does I realize what a vacuum of information I am in that area.  It's almost as if he is speaking Mandarine to me.  Also, when it comes to success in his field, he seems to be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat when ever he wishes.

I am very thankful for the friends that I have.  I am also thankful for the variety.  When I was younger I would be drawn to a person because they made me curious.  They had some quality or ability that I wanted to learn about.  As I have gotten older I have discovered that the closest friends that I have are those who have shared some adversity.

The funniest thing about getting older with friends is that you do not get to see them as often as you might wish.  However, when you do, you often pick up right where you left off last time.

Also, true friends know most of your dirty little secrets, but still put up with you.  I am a handful.  I value anyone willing to put up with me.

I suppose it doesn't hurt that I know most of their dirty little secrets, too.  Oddly enough, maybe that is the point.

Scripture calls us to bear one another's burdens, and to lift each other up.  Friends who are Believers are precious if they do that.  I have the odd habit of assuming that my Believer friends have it all together, so I look up to them.  Then they will reveal to me their own messes and I realize that we are both on the same journey, tripping & stumbling along together.

God is not nearly as dimwitted as we often treat him.  He understands just how messy we are.  That is why he gives us friends with their own unique talents, abilities, messes, issues and guilts.  We struggle together, mourn together and rejoice together.  Everything about Jesus can be viewed through the lens of relationship, and friends are an obvious part of that.  My Believer friends help me on my walk with Jesus, and I hope that I do the same for them.  I believe that Jesus smiles at this.

I am very thankful for my friends.



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