Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crack House Church

"My concern is that most of the actually existing church acts as a type of drug den with the leaders being like the nicest, most sincere, drug dealers..."

I always enjoy Peter Rollins.  He's a Philosopher out of Northern Ireland, and a Believer.  He always seems to have an interesting take on the modern church, particularly as it exists in the U.S.  I finished his book, "Insurrection" a few months ago and it really challenged me.  And because I said so, you should read it too.

I highly doubt that I have to agree with everything a person says to enjoy them.  In fact, I think it is often best to hear things that I do not agree with, but will cause me to consider other sides respectfully. (Then I can be informed enough to hit them with a 2x4 like a good Calvinist.)

That was a cheap shot.  :)

Anyway, when I can make out what he is saying through his accent, I find that Rollins challenges me on multiple levels.  Most of the time I agree with him.  Some of the time I think he may be going to far, but is trying to make a point. Other times I simply scratch my head because he is way above the bucket of warm velveeta bubbling between my ears.

I saw him post this on this groggy morning.  Thought I would pass it along.  Enjoy, and remember kids, crack kills.

Crack House Church from The Work Of The People on Vimeo.

It's just a thought.




  1. Thankyou
    Have enjoyed Pete's talks at Greenbelt but would not have found this without your blog.

    Expresses perfectly my experience of most churches I have been to and what they could be without the crap.

    1. Thanks Karen.

      It is never that I agree with Pete that I enjoy him, but simply because he forces me to think...which is often abhorrent to many American Christians...which is sad in it's own weird way.

      IF I may ask: how did you discover my blog in the first place? (I'm always curious about this.)