Saturday, February 4, 2012

This IS where I am.

I heard a song on the way home from work tonight. It hit me pretty hard.

I know that it has nothing what so ever to do with Jesus...per say. But it still made me think about my VERY wanton relationship with my savior.

Give it a listen...

You can probably figure out who I wish Graham & Johnny to be.

I always seem to be falling behind, but I want this type of passion so much!

A song by First Aid Kit, out of Sweden. What is it about those gals from Scandinavia...?



P.S. In case you were interested...


  1. Sing to me, Father...please!!!!!!!!!

  2. Where did you find this group?

  3. On National Public Radio's program "World Cafe." I was driving home in my car, and it almost made me burt into tears because of the vocals. (But I can assure you that since it was Public radio, it was all a left-wing plot.)

    Anyway, they play great music driving home at 10pm on Satruday nights.