Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blog Headaches

<--- That would be ME, except that I would be a male dolly...and with blond hair that is not quite so long & flowing...and I rarely wear purple gowns...except for that time I was a stunt double in the Miss Walleye & Sweet Corn contest.


So Tuesday I swung by my friend, Andy's, house. (Yes, I have friends. I give them a dollar every week.) Andy is helping me to revamp my blog. I rarely have any idea what to do with this technology stuff. I can get my Ipod to work properly if I hit it against a wall enough, but other than that...

Andy is a Tech Geek. He can figure this stuff out as I sit in the corner eating a cookie while drooling happily onto my bib. Andy shows me stuff on here that must look like 2+2 to him. I just scratch my head in awe.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way he/we/I accidently deleted the links to all the other blogs I glance at. ("Oops," to quote Rick Perry.) At first I thought it was just a part of the blog rearranging itself, but now I know better. So last night and this morning I am trying to recover all of the links that I had. The trouble is, I don't remember all of them, and those that I do I can't quite remember the exact names for the internet addresses.


On the bright side, I was planning on deleting a few anyway.

BTW: If YOU have one that you think might be a decent fit for my links, be it your own or some other, feel free to show me. You never know.

So yeah, the blog is going through some changes. I've had friends ask me to include little thingies that you can click on to make it easy to tweet to friends or post on Facebook. I think we did that, but I'm never really sure. I was also shown how to see which posts get the most views. I have no idea how some of them got the most hits. Honestly, I think my best writing was not included in the "Popular" area. Which is sort of the story of my life.

Also, I have decided that it was time to put some ads on here. I highly doubt I'll make more than a few bucks a month, but "Baby desperately needs a new pair of shoes...and to pay the bills...and"

As I write this post, the ads are still under review. I got an e-mail from google saying that they would review the blog to see which ads would fit the best for the various posts. (I guess they do it individually.) When I think about the stuff I write about I begin to feel a twinge of sorrow for the unfortunate person/persons who must suffer through this task. I mean most of my stuff has to do with my own fitful journey with Jesus. Usually I am observing what is going on in the church and culture. Heck, my last post was very serious and perhaps even offensive to some. But then I'll write about a completely secular subject or even a particular band that I like at the moment. Or maybe I'll just do a complete spoof of some subject. PLUS, I always try to find a song & video that will illustrate what ever it is that I wrote about. How do you make advertising fit something like that?

Anyway, the ads apparently will take a few days to come online. Of course, they could be up by the time I finish this post. I doubt it, but who knows? Do me a favor though, if you are one of the few semi-faithful or regular readers of this blog, every time you come here please click those ads a couple hundred times. (It should only take an hour or two, maximum.) I would certainly appreciate it.

I dunno. All of this is an adventure to me. I have a massive streak of curiosity in me. That has gotten me into trouble in the past, but hopefully it will serve me well on here. We'll see what happens. Currently, it's a bit of a headache.




  1. Joe you truly have a gift and I just hope everyone else sees what I do in you. I am truly grateful to God that you can express yourself so well. Thank you Joe for your writing ability and talent! Love Janis your sister

  2. I'm glad that you are living up to the name that you gave yourself on here. :)