Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some days are easier than others.

Some days are easier than others.

Case in point: Last night at work was rather difficult. I won't go into too much detail so as not to make you choke on your morning coffee. Suffice it to say that if you are getting ready to go out somewhere, please try emptying your bowels BEFORE you leave the house so as not to leave a prolonged trail of fecal matter of well over 50 yards up and down the grocery aisles...with large clumps.

ALSO, if you happen to be a shopper, please try to pay a relatively decent amount of attention to your surroundings so as not to step in said clumps of smelly, brown matter and track them all over the place. If you do manage to cluelessly step in the foul pile of human waste, please do not make comments along the following lines to me: "Hey, what's all this brown stuff on the floor and my shoe?"

OR, when entering the men's room, which has a large sign on the door clearly stating that it is closed and off limits, do not speak the following phrase: "Damn, it really stinks in here. You should clean this up."

And be very thankful that I do not have
a "Conceal & Carry" Permit.

So anyway, some days are easier than others.

The singer Rikki Lee Jones has a quote. She once said that when you are feeling down, you don't really want to listen to happy music. When you are down, for some reason it's the sad tunes that cheer you up. I don't know why, but that seems to be true.

It's not so much that I was sad last night. I wasn't. But I can't remember being that angry in well over a year at least. Apparently, I scared Jarred the Dairy Boy so much that he hid in the cooler. (Sorry Jarred.) It's at these times that I wish that we had a Shoplifter who was trying to resist detention on our hands. Much rage could have been easily expelled in a healthy, yet questionably judicial manner.

So what do I do at times like these? I listen to music. Sure enough, it seems to be the sad tunes that cheer me up. Well, maybe not sad exactly. But certainly not happy, chipper, "Pop" stuff. With that in mind, I figured that I would just post a bunch of the tunes that I enjoyed after I got home from work, and which cause me to calm down, relax, and not commit homicide on those who earnestly deserve it.

#1. First up, a song I have listened to for years now when I need to get calm, reflect and think. The delightful, yet odd looking, Rikki Lee Jones and her song Last Chance Texaco.

#2. Naturally, you can't be a proper "Crab" unless you embrace the grating & crushed glass-like vocals of Hibbing Minnesota's native poet. I just love this song because I pretty much agree with all of it, and wish to sing it to every cashier at my store.

#3. There is a great band out of Scotland by the name of Travis. I suppose that there must be something in the highlands there that give everyone a natural melancholy. But their tunes work for me. (The band also has a great sense of humor.)

#4. Another great thing about bands from Scotland is that you can barely understand a thing they say when they speak English. Ah men, the lahngwege as theh sem as men, bu I canna relly tell wha theh satin' aht ahny geven tem.

#5. Lets face it, life can just poo on your head sometimes. However, a dose of Edie Brickell can often work wonders. Especially if the "Walrus of Love," Barry White, has some vocals in it.

#6. A few years ago on the Prairie Home Companion show I heard a band from Tennessee that earned it's chops while Busking up in Canada. I was most impressed with the following song. It's earthy, gritty, down-homey, and seems to rub my fellow Techno-enjoyists the wrong way...so it's all good. (I've worked with plenty of "Special-Needs" kids. I have no idea why, and can only theorize, but they always seem to respond positively to music like this.)

#7. Another tune by O.C.M.S. Yes, it's a bit along the lines of being "Universalist." (I.e., no matter who you are or what you believe, God will save you. And that clearly is not biblical.) However, I do like the idea that there will be a day when the Living God DOES step in and makes all things right...because it WILL happen some day.

Hey, it's what I base my faith upon. Bite me, if you don't like that thought. :P

Oh yeah...
#8. Did I mention that Travis, the band from Scotland, has a great sense of humor? Here's proof. See if you can decipher what they are saying before they start singing. If you can, you can hit me, baby, one more time.

Ahhhhhhhhh. I feel much better now.



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