Monday, October 4, 2010

The Idolatry of Theology...

I've been thinking about some stuff from yesterday, a few days ago, and these past few weeks. I've also realized how worn out I am physically.

(It's really weird to me how my subconscious seems to know where my body is at better than I do. Which means I need a day off and at least 10 hours of much sweat & stink in the gym.)

I was thinking about what a Seminary Professor said to me many years ago. "All Theology is Idolatry." And how my first reaction was "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" But then of course, he explained himself.

THEOLOGY, which is the study & understanding of GOD will always be flawed because it is merely a bunch of humans digging through bible passages, in an attempts to understand the INFINITE God of the universe. As such, we should be very, very, very humble in our approach to our theological constructs.

WHY? Because none of us have the whole picture!!!!!!!!!!!!! (We are all flawed, make mistakes, and at best our understanding of God will be tainted with our own sin.)

Now, I am NOT talking about the basics of Christianity. No one is ever going to make me bend on the idea that Jesus claimed that he was the only way to the Father, or that there was any other name under heaven that we could be saved by. I will DIE on that one.

That having been said, there just might be some stuff out there that gets folk's underware in a bunch that really is not central to our "Common/Univeresal Beliefs"...Nicean Creedly, speaking.

But I have also watched how people who OBVIOUSLY love Jesus, and would give their lives for him, were simply not good enough for others who also said they loved Jesus. These people did not match up because they were Catholics, Protestants, what ever. They really & truly loved Jesus with all of their heart, soul & being...but a particular aspect of their "THEOLOGY" simply did not match up.

So I thought to myself, "Who/What is more important? Loving Jesus, or your "Theology?"

And this I where I will totally & unfairly leave this post.




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