Monday, October 25, 2010

Friends...OR, "How McKenna got her Stink Back."

"The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, "here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and "Sinners."" But wisdom is proved right by her actions." Matt. 11:19

This post is mostly just for fun. It's in honor of some people who are important to me, because they go a long way in keeping me sane at my job...such as it is. Plus, I promised Mak that I would write about her, because she is desperately starved for attention.

WELL, if you take a good look at those photos, you will notice a variety of individuals in them. The first picture is of my friend, Mak. In it, she is attempting to give someone the finger, but has yet to figure out that you only need one digit for such a pose. (Thankfully, she is not doing one of those horrible "Duck Face" pouting poses that so many girls are want to do these days.)

McKenna is always insisting that after I am finished at the gym, I find her and give her a prolonged bear-hug, so as to enjoy the full force of my sweat & odor. (Mmm, mmm Good!) Mak is ALL ABOUT exercise and getting "Buff." She is known for her ability to frighten Bikers, former Marines, and various would-be shoplifters, with her Buff-a-tude. She is a good sport.

The next picture is of my friend Mick. (She is the one on the left.) Mick told me that she stopped shaving her legs years ago, so her legs may very well be as furry as her dog, Maisie's at this point. Mick laughs at all of my stupid jokes. This makes her a good person.

Mick is also an exercise fanatic. In fact, she is an excellent long-distance runner. She came upon this by accident. One day while at the dog park with Maisie, Mick tripped while still clinging to the leash. Maisie dragged her almost to Wisconsin. Mick decided that it would be best if she simply learned how to keep up while still on both feet. (Mick & Maisie will be competing in the Boston Marathon next year as a duo.)

The third picture is on my friend Yvonne. She is also the one on the left. As you can see, she is into power-lifting. I can't recall the last time I saw anyone carry a 437lb bucket of french fries around a State Fair before. Yvonne is known for challenging members of the Hell's Angels motorcycle association to arm wrestling matches in the seedier dives of Stillwater...Texas style, too. (To my knowledge, she has never lost a match.)

Yvonne just bought her first Bible yesterday. I told her to start in the Gospel of Matthew or Colossians. (You only start in Genesis and work your way from there if you have brutal problems with insomnia.) Yvonne not only laughs at most of my jokes, she can also curl 50lb boxes of honey ham & smoked turkey. This makes her a good person.

The forth picture is of Andy. Andy works in the deli with Yvonne. He used to be an exercise maniac. However, now he seems to spend most of his time sleeping in the back seat of cars after drinking too much Snapple. Andy laughs at only about half of my jokes. This makes him a questionable person. (Andy will be escaping...I mean LEAVING our store in another week or so. We will miss him.)

The final picture is the most recent photo of me and my new swim suit. No comment necessary...other than to say that my new skin cream works wonders on those unsightly wrinkles.

Sometimes a "Job" can be nothing more than a free-enterprise attempt to crush a person's soul. To survive such a situation, you need to have people around you that you can simply look at, and they will give you an expression of "Yeah...I know." This keeps you from embracing the straight jacket and bouncing around in a padded room.

Sometimes, sometimes...God puts people in your life to protect you. Often least as far as my life goes, God puts people in your life to make you smile & laugh. I suppose the question for me is wether or not I will recognize this and be a faithful sign-post for his kingdom.

Jesus seemed to enjoy hanging out with oddballs, goofy people and Square Pegs. This means that he would most likely enjoy my friends a great deal. I don't think Jesus is real big on people who wear polyester suits and masks.

I have ideas where various people may be in their lives when it comes to Christ and the bigger picture. However, it is never my place to judge another person in this matter. That would be Jesus' job, and I don't think he appreciates it when I take over for him. Again, all I can do is try and be a decent sign-post for his kingdom.

I am very thankful for the various people that I work with. Most people at any rate..."Ack, ack, ack." (<---- That's an inside joke for those who work at the Cub Shack.) I bring up these four people because they mean a lot to me, and because there is only so much room for any given blog post. Of course there are others, so don't throw cottage cheese at me if you feel left out.

Anyway, without these folks my life I would be poorer, my job would be insufferable, and I would be bouncing in a rubber room. So thank you, Mak, Mick, Yvonne and Andy...and other un-named peeps. May the God of the Universe who loves you more than you know reveal himself to you and bring you into his kingdom.



P.S. As I mentioned, McKenna is all about getting buff. For a time she actually had her own aerobics class on a cable channel. I was lucky enough to find some old footage of one of her classes. Enjoy!!!! (Mak, Mak...I dun got yo back.)

To be fair, all of us like to stay in tip-top shape. As such, we often workout together. Here is some footage of the six of us (Maisie the dog included) doing our routine down at Lake Calhoun this past June.

It's been disabled for YouTube, but if you click on this link you can still see all of us doing our thing.

In case you're curious, Maisie is on lead vocals. Mak is the one in leather, Mick as the army guy, and Yvonne as the "Indian"...approriate, don't you think? And finally, Andy as the construction guy.

That would be me as a the Cowboy. (I just can't help but love how those chaps accentuate my hips.)

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