Monday, July 26, 2010

"I'm not Religious."

"Then Man said, "Let us make God in our image, in our likeness." So Man created God in his own image, in the image of Man he created them; male and and pursuits and pleasures and selfishness and hedonism, sports, money, knowledge, ego...and empty loneliness."

I spent time with some friends that I really, really care a lot about a few nights ago. Neither of them are Believers...yet. It was was fun to hang out with them. The pizza was great.

One of the guys swears up & down that he is not "Religious."

Just so you know, I'm not religious either. In fact, I HATE "Religion." Religion is humanities pursuit of the divine. Jesus, on the other hand, is God's pursuit of humanity.

My friend swears up & down that he is not religious. It says so on his Face Book page. He has no religious beliefs of any kind.

It was fun to hang out with him, because as I watched him it dawned on dawned on me that he is one of the most "Religious" people I have ever met. You see, EVERYONE is "Religious." Oh yeah...definitely. We are all very religious by nature. Don't lie to yourself, YOU are a VERY "Religious" person.

My friend is extremely religious. He bows before his god all day along. He worships at the altar of his god. He makes sacrifices to his god multiple times through out his day. His god torments him with long-term pain for short-term gain, but he grovels at this god's feet. (My friend, who my heart has been crying out for, for over 3 years, should not play poker. As I watched my friend, he dropped "Tells" right & left as to what was going on in his life. He WANTS me to know what is going on in his life, but he is in too much pain to come right out and say it.) His god mocks him and laughs at the pain he inflicts, but my friend still bows before him. My friend HATES his god, but he stills bows down and worships him. My friend is very, very, very "Religious."

His god is himself.

I'll give him credit for at least being a Monotheist. He really has only one god. Although, as I watched him, I would guess that his god is not doing a very good job satisfying him.

I have some other friends who are Polytheists. They bow before many gods. Sometimes, the god they worship is their penis. Sometimes it is their bodies. Often, their god lives in a bottle of beer.

Recently, I have noticed that the worship of Ba'al is coming back more & more into fashion. The worshipers of Ba'al would cut themselves to bleed for their god. I don't know why, but I see more people with more tattoos then ever before. I'm not saying that a tattoo is evil. But it does strike me that if you have to cut into your own flesh to be "Cool" in your own eyes, or the eyes of others...something is very wrong.

I am often a Polytheist. I forget about the one who saved me from myself, and redeemed me. I put him back in the box I made, even though he doesn't fit very well in there. I jump up & down on the box to stuff him in there. That way I can go and worship my ego, my knowledge, my what ever.

Peter Gabriel is one of my all time favorite musicians. (Yeah, I know I post a lot of his videos on my blog.) He has a song titled "Lovetown." The song is about facing up to painful experiences from the past, including the dangers and emptiness of sexual hedonism.

"Who's lonely lips will find these hidden scars?
Who's out in the streets looking for love like ours?

Have you got what you want?
Said have you got what you need?
With what you did and what you saw,
Did you find you needed more?
Have you got what you came for?
Are you really so sure?"

I dig the tune because the guitar riff is kind of creepy...
but then again, so is the subject matter.

It makes you think about what we bow down to. Don't kid yourself that you're not religious. You may very well have many, many gods that you plant your face before. You just call them by different names. Perhaps you should ask yourself if those gods satisfy you, or do you just need more and more of what ever it is that you bow down to?

I am a guilty, guilty man when it comes to being faithful to Jesus. But what is really, really nice about Jesus is that he is faithful to me even when I am not.

I don't have to EARN. He did all the heavy lifting. His kingdom IS. He simply invites me to participate in what he is already doing. When I blow it, he is not surprised. When I muff it up, he is not shocked.

When I turn my face back towards the one who loves me unconditionally, I find him there with his arms open wide. So I don't have to be "Religious."

Ask yourself what god you bow to, because you DO bow down...often to many.

"Have you got what you want?
Said have you got what you need?
Did you find you needed more?
Have you got what you came for?
Are you really so sure?"




  1. read by lozano, good pizza

  2. heart has been burning all day. He told me to tell you, "He likes you. He loves you." He wants you to go on a journey with him. Just say "Yes." It's the best bet you will ever make.