Monday, June 14, 2010

Puddling through

So I wake up this morning to the joyous news that the wet, rainy, soggy, overcast, and just generally depressing weather that we have had for a week now will continue for many days to come...with maybe a tease of sunshine on Wednesday. Swell.

As for some icing on this muddy cake, I drove over to my folk's place to pick up their newspaper while they are out of town, and I managed to hit every single red light possible. (You notice these things when you are grumpy.)

So now I sit here with my "Full Spectrum" bulb glowing in my office hoping it will pour some Vitamin D into me.

Let's face it. Some days are like this.

I have never believed for a second some of these crazy preachers out there who tell you that if you follow Jesus...and give them a large chunk of your money, that God will make you healthy, wealthy & wise. Or that everyday will be filled with sunshine, rainbows, and sausages. Unless you willfully take Scripture passages out of context, you will never find such nonsense.

What you WILL find in the bible is that Christ promised to walk WITH you through anything you encounter...both the good times and the bad. Somedays, that is all that you need to know and understand. More talking about it won't help.

Anyway, I'm going to take John Eldredge's advice and leave now, so that I can have a long, peaceful talk with my not so "Imaginary Friend."

Oh, interestingly enough, while I was in the car I had the radio on. The DJ on KTIS came on and quoted some author who's name I forget. This fellow said "If you call yourself a Christian, and you are not hungry for God, it's because you are already full." (And he didn't mean Full in a good way.)

I thought about that. I grinned. A song popped into my head that I like. I think it has some good advice, so here it is.



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